Website Design for Hypnotherapists

Are you looking for a new website or want to redesign your existing one?


Having a professional and welcoming website for your hypnotherapy practice is essential.

There are plenty of people who are struggling out there. People who need help. Hypnotherapy can be an effective way to help people make positive, lasting changes.

And if you’ve ever helped even ONE person with hypnotherapy, then you can surely help plenty more. Your hypnotherapy skills are needed!


Many of these clients are just a click away from you.


But the thing is these people don’t know about you. And this is where marketing comes in. It bridges the gap between you and your potential clients.

You need to make it easy for your clients to find you and then demonstrate that you are a hypnotherapist they can trust.

And this is why having a professional and welcoming hypnotherapy website is essential. A professional website instils confidence and credibility. Prospective clients see that you’re a hypnotherapist they can trust and want to work with.


You want to make it easy for your prospective clients to discover you, find out how you can help them and have them call you.


But you can only achieve this if your website is well-designed and speaks to the client.


A lot of hypnotherapists put up a website that is confusing, badly designed and unprofessional. Instead of giving the hypnotherapist credibility, those sites achieve the opposite. Potential clients are put off and choose another hypnotherapist.

I’m sure you’ve seen those sites.

Your website has to be clear, inspire trust and credibility and look like the site of a successful professional hypnotherapist.

A well-designed website is a cornerstone for attracting clients to your hypnotherapy practice.

So if you answer Yes to any of the following questions, then I would love to hear from you:

  • Is your website outdated?

  • Does your current website not reflect you anymore?

  • Is your website not attracting the right client?

  • Do you currently have a ‘cookie-cutter’ website? Are you looking for something more customised and individual?

  • Have you recently qualified as a hypnotherapist and you now want to set up your online presence?


Having worked in the health & wellbeing field for 15 years, I understand what your clients are looking for.

By combining my business coaching and web design skills, I’ll be able to advise you on content, imagery and copy. You’ll have an online presence that reflects who you are, who you work with and what you offer.

Your website will not only look stunning but also support your business and help you get more clients for your hypnotherapy practice.

Your website includes

  • Modern professional design that's customised to your business

  • Your website is built using WIX, so you'll be able to easily update your site on your own

  • More than half of web traffic comes through mobiles. Your site is optimised for desktop, mobile and tablets so your site looks great on all devices

  • SSL certificate to provide security for online communications (included with WIX)

  • Domain connection upon launch

  • Connection to all social media accounts

  • Connection to Google Analytics and Google Search Console

  • A 60 minute online tutorial with me where I'll teach you how to update your site on your own. You'll also get a recording of this session so you can refer to it later on.

Let's talk!

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your needs and how I can help.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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