Why You Should Have a Blog on Your Website

Do you have a blog on your site?

Having a blog on your site is important. And here is why:

  • You can share valuable information.

  • You will build credibility.

  • As a coach or therapist, you are an expert in your field. One way to demonstrate your expertise is through writing articles or blog posts

  • It gives you content that you publish on social media.

  • You’ll drive traffic to your site.

  • You’ll increase your SEO and get higher rankings in Google.

  • It’s a way to start a conversation with your reader (through enabling comments).

  • You’ll have additional content for your emails.

  • You can go into depth and share more stories. You can share additional information which doesn’t fit in your main website pages.

  • Writing can help you clarify your understanding of a topic.

  • You’ll have content that can be shared. There’ll be more opportunities for other sites to link to yours.

So if you don’t have a blog yet, then maybe it’s time to get started with your first post!

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