Why You’re Not Getting Traffic to Your Website (And What to Do About It)

A lot of coaches and therapists are struggling with getting their website visible on the web.

They may have had their website up for a few months (or even years) but are not getting as many visitors as they hoped for. Hardly anyone is coming to their site.

And to get more clients, they need more traffic.

Does this sound familiar?

So here are five things you can do today to get more traffic to your site:

1. Submit your website to Google

Google is the number one search engine.

If your website is brand new and you aren't getting any traffic, then it might be that Google has not indexed your site yet. And that means it won’t show up in search results!

The best way to ensure that Google recognises your website is to submit a sitemap.

I wrote an article about how to submit your website to Google. I’ll walk you there through the process step-by-step.

2. Make sure that your basic SEO (search engine optimisation) is done

You need to do basic SEO on your pages.

That means you have done the following for each page:

  • Your page URL is descriptive

  • You have a compelling page title that includes a keyword

  • You have keywords in your meta description

  • Your meta description is written in a way that entices people to click on the link

  • You include keywords on your page

  • You have an ALT tag and description for every image

You can follow my tutorial on how to do basic SEO in Wix here.

3. Sign up with therapy / coach directories in your field

For a website to rank high in search results, other websites must link to yours. These links are called backlinks. The more good quality backlinks you have to your site, the better. Please note that I said ‘good quality’. The links need to be coming from websites that Google deems relevant to your niche and gives a high authority rating. Just getting links from any site doesn’t work. On the contrary, it could backfire and Google could even punish you for it.

So one place where to get a link to your website and have your website shown to potential clients is on directory sites.

So find good directory sites in your field, and sign up with them.

4. Write your own blog

Writing your own blog is useful for two reasons.

Number one you can show off your expertise to potential clients. They can read and browse through your articles and get useful information all while you are building trust and credibility.

The second reason is for SEO purposes.

Google likes websites that provide information to their visitors. The more articles or blog posts you have, the better.

In addition, these posts will start to show up in search results (again, make sure you submit each new page to Google Search Console so that it’s indexed and can show up). And potential clients can find you through those articles as well.

5. Be a guest blogger

Remember, I mentioned backlinks. Another way to get more quality backlinks and have greater exposure to potential clients is by writing articles for other websites.

Getting a strong online presence is not something that happens overnight. It does take time and effort to create a website that shows up on the first page in search results.

So the sooner you get backlinks to your website, the sooner potential clients will find you.

Your online presence will grow, your site will rank higher in search results and as a result, you’ll get more enquiries.

I’m not saying it’s an easy or quick way to achieve high rankings in search results, but you know the saying. One step at a time gets you to your goal. And if you persist, you will get there.

And what one action can you take today to get a valuable backlink to your website?

Would you like some help with your website?

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