Why You Need to Have a Target Audience

When coaches or therapists are starting out, they often want to work with everybody. However, targeting everybody isn’t a very effective strategy. It’s not going to lead to a full practice.

Instead, what you need to do is define your target audience.

For example, your target audience could be pregnant women if you are a yoga teacher or single men in their 40ies if you are a dating coach.

So if you don’t have a full practice yet, narrowing your audience might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s exactly what you need to do to get more clients. You want to aim for a very small audience.

Have you heard the expression “Be a big fish in a small pond”?

It’s much easier to get known if you turn up in the same places repeatedly. If people only see you once, you’ll only make a fleeting impression. It’s when you turn up in the same places over and over again that people start to recognise you.

“If you speak to everyone, you speak to no one” (Meredith Hill)

Nowadays, people are overwhelmed with information. We are bombarded with advertising, promotions and information. Unless you can speak directly to the needs of your ideal clients, they won’t hear you. Without a

Use your resources wisely

Many coaches and therapists are a one-person business. And so you have limited time, money and energy available. Without a defined target audience, you won’t be using your resources efficiently.

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