Why “Knowing Your Why” Is Important to Your Success in Business and Life

"Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement."

~ William Clement Stone ~

I was 13 years old when I decided to move to London.

I grew up in a small town in Austria, where everyone knew each other and knew everything about each other. It was very suffocating.

When I visited London as a teenager, I fell in love with the city and the freedom that it offered, compared to my hometown. This experience set me on a mission to move to London as soon as I could.

Throughout the following five years, London was my North Star. I was counting the days until my 18th birthday…when I was free to leave, free to express myself, free to be anyone I wanted to be and free to make my youthful mistakes, while enjoying anonymity.

It was powerful for me to focus on my future move to London throughout this time. It gave me purpose.

And living with purpose is powerful.

Purpose gives our life meaning, and meaning is something that we all search for.

When we know why we are doing something, what we do has power and energy behind it. It’s fulfilling and satisfying.

Having purpose gives us a direction. Instead of walking aimlessly through life, unaware, perhaps stumbling through it, we know where we are going.

We might make detours or choose to take the scenic route, but - we know which direction we are headed.

Purpose provides clarity in your life.

It’s a powerful driving force – it gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It pulls us forward. Inspires us. Energises us.

Having purpose is rocket fuel for your business. It propels you forward – powerful like nothing else. You are unstoppable.

So what is your WHY?

What's your business mission? Why are you doing what you are doing?

If you don’t have a clear purpose, you might get pulled into different directions and by doing so, you disperse your energy. Instead of giving energy, time and attention to one thing (your purpose), you are spreading yourself too thinly. Things grow, but not abundantly.

When you don’t have a purpose or direction that guides your decisions, it’s easy to get swept up by others – by their projects, businesses and ideas. If that sounds like you, then you’re probably used to playing a supporting role but not the role of the main actor.

Unclear of where you want to take your business and your career – you explore various options, waste your time with endeavours with are clearly not you. This probably has left you confused and caused you to begin to doubt yourself and lost confidence in your work.

Now imagine you find the direction of your business

A business mission that is an authentic expression of who you are, a business that delivers value, a business that is a true expression of your gifts, a business and career that you love. Now you have found the guiding light of your business or what I like to call your Business North Star.

Your Business North Star is the guiding star for your business.

It’s the compass for your business, informed by your personal purpose.

It’s there to guide your way, to keep you on track and to show you where you need to go and what choices to make. You’ll know what’s aligned with your business and you – and what is not.

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