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Why You Need to Have A Target Market to Get A Full Practice

"Marketing and sales isn't about trying to persuade, coerce, or manipulate people into buying your services. It's about putting yourself out in front of, and offering your services to, those whom you are meant to serve – people who already need and are looking for your services."

~ Michael Port

When coaches or therapists are starting out, they often want to work with everybody. However, targeting everybody isn’t a very effective strategy. It’s not going to lead to a full practice.

So what you need to do is define your target market

A target market is the specific group of people you serve. And these people need to have something in common.

For example, your target audience could be people who want to lose weight if you are health coach or single men in their 40ies if you are dating coach.

So if you don't have a full practice yet, narrowing your market might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s exactly what you need to do to get fully booked. You want to aim for a really small target market. A tiny one.

If you have a small target audience, then you can show up in the same places over and over and over again. People will start to recognise you. If you show up in a different place every day, you’ll burn out in no time with nothing to show for it.

There are three reason why you must have a target market as a coach or therapist

1. You know where to find prospective clients

If you don’t have a target audience, how do you know where to find the people you can help? Without a target market, you’re searching in the dark. Not an effective strategy.

If you have a target audience, you know exactly where to show up, where to do your marketing and where to connect with potential clients.

2. Your target market already has established networks

Your target audience belongs to networks through which they already communicate. These networks could be social networking sites, events, Meet-up groups, associations etc. So you look for established networks that you then can (ethically) hi-jack.

3. When you show up, they know that you are there to serve them

When you show up, the people in your target market know that you are dedicated to them. You understand them and their issues. You can connect with them. Perhaps you’ve been in a similar situation and really know what they are going through. You’re able to identify and empathize with them. And that is powerful.

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