Want to get more clients? Then you need to start improving your relationship with marketing

What comes to mind when you think of marketing?

Many coaches and therapists hate the idea of marketing. They see marketing as manipulative, pushy, sleazy, unauthentic or hyped. Marketing doesn’t have a good rep.

Since marketing has so many negative connotations, it’s no surprise that you wouldn’t want to do any marketing. After all, you wouldn’t want to be put into the same box as ‘those’ marketers!

And there IS a lot of marketing that is all those things. We’ve all been at the receiving end of pushy hyped-up marketing. But the thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Marketing can be authentic, genuine, real, honest, inspiring, heartfelt and sincere.

As a coach or therapist running your own business, it’s vital that your relationship with marketing is a good one. Marketing is the engine that drives potential clients to you. And when you start a love affair with marketing, growing your coaching or therapy practice is going to get a lot easier.

So if your relationship with marketing is a bit sketchy at the moment, it’s time to look at how you can improve it.

Let’s begin by looking at what marketing really is.

Marketing is simply about letting people know you exist. Marketing creates awareness of who you are and what you have to offer.

Marketing can connect you with the people who need what you are offering. Without people knowing that you exist, you won’t be able to be in service to them.

Marketing is about communication. It’s about sharing your message in an authentic way so that your people can find you and identify that you are the right coach or therapist for them.

I truly believe that there are some people for whom we are an ideal match as a coach or therapist. So this is really important to remember: there are people out there who we are meant to work with. We are an ideal match for them and can help them.

But if those people don’t know that we exist, we are doing a disservice to them.

Imagine, you meet someone, and that person has a headache, and you’ve got headache pills that would help them. But you don’t tell them that you’ve got those pills. So that person doesn’t get the relief they could have had. Instead, they continue to live with the pain. Withholding the headache pills from them wouldn’t be right, would it?

And it’s the same with the service you are offering. If you’ve got a service that helps people, and you are not telling people about it, then you are withholding your gifts from those people you’re meant to help. You won’t be able to reach those people who need you.

Beliefs can hold us back. Changing our understanding of marketing and how we view it, is the first step to creating a better relationship with marketing.

So what beliefs about marketing do you hold that might be keeping you back from promoting yourself?

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