How to Boost Your Website Credibility

Your website is like a shop window for your coaching or therapy practice. For clients to make that crucial step and reach out to you, your website needs to instil trust.

You need to come across as professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Now I want to share with you my top 20 website credibility builders:

  1. Well-designed website (like it or now – people judge books by their covers)

  2. Photos of you taken by a professional photographer

  3. You have an email address that includes your domain name (rather than a gmail, hotmail or similar address)

  4. Testimonials from past clients

  5. Certifications and awards

  6. Memberships of associations

  7. Your credentials

  8. Your website has an SSL certificate (you will then have an HTTPS web address. If you don’t have it, visitors will get a warning message saying that this website is “not secure”)

  9. High-quality images

  10. Correct spelling and grammar

  11. Your contact information is clearly visible

  12. Your site is GDPR compliant (you have a cookie consent pop-up, a privacy policy & a GDPR compliant email sign-up form)

  13. There is no outdated information on your site

  14. You establish yourself as an expert through writing blog posts

  15. No technical problems

  16. Media mentions

  17. Case studies of your work

  18. No old-fashioned blinking banners or similar

  19. Website loads quickly

  20. No broken links or forms

Don’t let potential clients be put off by your site and leave. Make sure that you have a website that instils trust and credibility.

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