Grow Your Coaching or Therapy Practice by Being Yourself

When I was a relationship coach, I would say to my clients who were single that they need to be themselves. Then they’ll attract the right person – the one who falls in love with them for who they really are.

And the same principle applies to attracting our ideal clients. When we are being ourselves, we attract those who resonate with us. They are choosing us because of who we are.

When you express yourself authentically, you’ll be able to stand out from other coaches and therapists. You’ll be able to attract those who resonate with you and your work. Your people will notice you and pay attention.

I truly believe that as coaches and therapists there are clients out there who we are meant to help. We’ll be a better match for certain clients than others. With certain clients, there is a resonance. Perhaps we had a similar experience. We understand their pain. Or maybe their particular concern is something that we’ve looked at deeply and have a lot of experience with.

And these clients are your ideal clients. You enjoy working with them. And when you work with those clients, you’ll be able to do your best. And that’s essential if you want to create a thriving coaching or therapy practice.

Clients who you’ve helped will be telling others about you. And as a result, you’ll get more clients to come to your practice.

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