Four Success Ingredients for a Prosperous Business

We create a prosperous business when we fill a NEED in the market, come from a place of SERVICE and our offering is a reflection of our GIFTS and PURPOSE.

Venn Diagramme of Purpose - Business North Star
Venn Diagramme of Purpose - In the centre is your Business North Star

I remember when I started my journey into self-employment in my twenties. I had just qualified as a Shiatsu Practitioner and was eager to get out into the world and practice Shiatsu. Little did I know about marketing at the time. In fact, I knew nothing.

I somehow imagined clients would just turn up as soon as I hang up an advert in a health food shop. After all, Shiatsu was great! But, I waited and waited and to my surprise - nothing happened!

It then dawned on me that I was missing a big piece of education. But it wasn’t only that I had no knowledge of marketing and sales, I also had a real repulsion towards it. I had a lot of negative beliefs associated with marketing and sales that didn’t fit with my Shiatsu Practitioner image. I wanted to help people; I didn’t want to sell them something.

I then realised that as a self-employed professional, you wear many hats. It was not only the ‘Shiatsu Practitioner’ hat that I was wearing, but there were many others, such as the marketer, promoter, salesperson, website designer, writer, bookkeeper etc. Seeing clients and giving treatments was only the tip of the iceberg.

Like many self-employed professionals, I started my own business because I enjoyed what I was doing, and I wanted to be my own boss. I wasn’t thinking about who exactly would need Shiatsu when I started. I was thinking, I want to practice Shiatsu. Shiatsu is great, and there will be lots of people who would benefit from the treatments.

But who specifically were those people?

A successful business can only happen when there is a NEED in the market for your service.

I know this is obvious, but very often we get caught up in our passion for the work we love doing, and we don’t take the next step, which is to find out:

Who needs you?

In our enthusiasm, we often think everyone can benefit from our service but what we forget is that people are at different places and stages in their life and not everything is appropriate for everyone. As much as we might like it to be - but our service is not for everyone!

However, there ARE people out there who will be a perfect match for you. And these people are your target market. They are your ideal clients. They will resonate with you, who you are, how you work and what you offer. They will want to work with you because of who you are.

And this is where SERVICE comes in.

Once you’ve identified your ideal client group - your target market – the people who need what you offer - then you can focus on being of service to this group.

Then it’s all about them, not us.

It’s all about the benefit that they receive from our work. Keep focused on being in service to your target market. That’s the key.

When you are serving someone whom you know really needs what you are offering – this gives you the motivation, inspiration and energy to propel you forwards. You'll feel driven to serve because you know that people need you. .

You have a PURPOSE.

Without purpose, we won’t have the energy to keep going forwards, to move our business forwards, to go out into the world with enthusiasm and passion. And it’s that enthusiasm and passion that people connect with – that they feel, that draws them in.

Some people know their purpose from early on and stick to it throughout their whole life. However, there are many of us for whom purpose can change. As we grow and evolve, our purpose evolves or changes.

The final success ingredient for creating a prosperous business is that it is a true reflection of our GIFTS and who we are.

Trying to be someone else than we are is not sustainable. We can wear a mask for some time and have some success with it – but there will come the point where wearing the mask is too strenuous. We’ll have to drop it.

When we discover what our gifts are, then what we do is easy and enjoyable for us.  When we fully trust in our gifts and talents and allow our passion to be a guide towards them, when we show up as ourselves, when we are being authentic, then we’ll find that promoting our business is a joy.

Have you discovered your Business North Star?

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