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Do You Have the Standard Credibility Builders in Place?

"The most essential quality for leadership is not perfection but credibility. People must be able to trust you."

~ Rick Warren

Credibility Builders for Coaches

In order to get booked solid, you need to have established credibility with potential clients.

The following is a list of basic things you need to have in place to appear professional and credible.

So here are six standard credibility builders that every coach should have:

1. Professional email address

Make sure you have a professional email address such as yourfirstname@yourbusinessname.com or something similar. Do not use an email address such as johnsmith28@yahoo.com or relationshipcoach@gmail.com. This just doesn’t work for a professional email address.

2. High-quality business cards

Have a professionally designed business card printed on quality card. Moo.com, for example, produce excellent business cards.

3. Professionally designed website

Invest in a professionally designed website. Yes, there are great site builders out there which make creating a decent website relatively easy, but unless you have a web design background, get a professional to do it for you. An amateurish looking website will destroy your credibility right away.

4. Professional photographs

Decent headshots are a must. You’ll need to have photographs for your website, marketing materials and many other things. People will instantly make a decision on what kind of person you are based on the headshot that you have chosen. So invest in a professional photo shoot.

5. Specific testimonials

Showcase specific testimonials about your coaching services rather than general ones. A general testimonial such as “Helen was great. She helped me a lot.” (J. S.) is not going to add a lot of credibility. A specific testimonial such as “In two months, I lost 6 kilos working with Helen, but more importantly, I gained freedom around food that I didn’t think was possible.” (John Smith).

6. Social media profiles that represent you professionally

Make sure your social media profiles represent you professionally. Consider how a potential client perceives you. When it comes to mixing the personal and the professional – be clear on what is appropriate to share.

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