20 Easy Ways to Promote Your Lead Magnet

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Today I want to share with you 20 ways you can promote your lead magnet:

On your website

  1. Have a landing page for your lead magnet on your website

  2. Have a delayed pop-up on your site

  3. Have a segment on your home page showing the lead magnet

  4. Have a bottom sign-up bar on your site

  5. Have the lead magnet in your footer

  6. Throughout your content, whenever relevant, link to your landing page

  7. Mention your lead magnet in blog posts when it is relevant

  8. Link to your lead magnet at the end of your blog posts

On social media

  1. Promote on social media

  2. Link to your lead magnet in your social media bios

  3. Show your lead magnet in the Publications or Portfolio sections in LinkedIn

  4. Make is the cover photo on your social media pages

  5. Pin your lead magnet to the top of your Facebook page

  6. Run Social media ads

  7. Create bite-size tips out of your lead magnet. Promote them on social media (then link to your lead magnet landing page)

  8. Share your lead magnet in online groups that allow self-promotion

Other places

  1. In your email signature

  2. Share it in your webinars and in other places where you hold a presentation

  3. If you have an enquiry, send them your lead magnet

  4. Send an email to your associates and inform them about your lead magnet (and encourage them to share it)

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