Laser Coaching Sessions

Laser coaching to help you move forward in your business.


Laser coaching sessions are one-off 60-minute coaching sessions.

Laser coaching sessions are ideal if you are looking for your next step; if you've been stuck for a while and want to understand how you can move forward and make progress.

At the end of the session, you'll walk away with a high-impact action step that will move you closer to your goal. 

What we could cover in a laser coaching session

For example, we could:

Create a business or marketing plan that you can start to implement right away

Assess your website

Review your keep-in-touch strategy

Move you past a stumbling block

Gain clarity on a particular issue in your business

Answer questions relating to your business

We spend 60-minutes on Zoom honing in on a particular challenge that you face in your business.

This is how it works


  1. Before the call, you'll complete an assessment form

  2. We'll spend 60-minutes in a coaching session, honing in on one challenge that you are facing in your business

  3. You leave with a high-impact action step

  4. After one week, I'll check in with you via email

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