One-on-One Coaching Programme

I work with self-employed professionals who want to grow their holistic or green business. You might be a coach, therapist, consultant, holistic practitioner, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, permaculture designer, gardener, sustainable landscape designer or eco architect.

You understand that we are all One; that we are all interconnected and interdependent. You are guided by a conscious and ethical mindset. You care about the environment, nature and the planet we live on. You want to make a positive impact on the world through doing the work you most love.

You are committed to making your dream come true, value personal growth (and guess what - marketing your business is a journey of personal growth!) and are quick to take action. 

With one-on-one coaching you get help along every step of your journey towards growing your holistic or green business and getting booked solid. I support you to get out of your comfort zone and implement the Book Yourself Solid® system.

Our work together will help you to

Make MORE MONEY so that you have the FREEDOM to create the lifestyle you desire

Earn your living from doing WHAT YOU LOVE

Work with clients that ENERGISE and INSPIRE you

Have the CONFIDENCE to fully express yourself

Live your life with a sense of PURPOSE

Replace stress and anxiety around finding clients with PEACE OF MIND

Create the business and life that you LOVE

What we cover in our sessions

I'll take you through the complete Book Yourself Solid® system.

Click here to see what the Book Yourself Solid® training programme includesFor example. You'll:

Profile your perfect client … and then find more people like that

Clearly define your target market

Develop a sales cycle that turns prospects into buyers

Become a category authority so that you’re top of mind when your prospects need somebody like you

Win trust and demonstrate credibility with your audience

Develop a keep-in-touch strategy so that you can keep showing up without wearing yourself out

Master the super-simple sales conversation that isn't salesy or pushy

And more!

In summary, you'll

IMPLEMENT each step of the Book Yourself Solid® system

Get step-by-step instructions on what to do to GROW your coaching or therapy practice

Walk away with high-impact ACTION steps after each session

Get ANSWERS to the questions that have been holding you back

Receive all of the SUPPORT you need to implement the action steps and make things happen

How it works


Ideally, we would work together for at least 6 months as this allows time to set up a solid foundation and implement the system.

In summary, when you join my coaching programme, here's what you get:

  • Three monthly 60-minute sessions via Zoom

  • A copy of Book Yourself Solid, 3rd edition by Michael Port

  • Workbook

  • Email support throughout the programme

  • Membership to the Business Success Academy

  • Recordings of the coaching calls

Let's talk!

Get in touch today, and schedule a free 30-minute Zoom call. Find out more about how I can help you grow your holistic or green business and get Booked Solid.

I look forward to hearing from you.



I invite you to get in touch with me today, and schedule a free, 30-minute Zoom or phone call.


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