Every first Wednesday of the month (13:30 - 14:00 UK), I host a free webinar


These webinars are short, interactive virtual meetings (30 minutes) covering a marketing or business topic.

During the call, I'll cover one core topic and then open up the line for questions.

The questions can relate to the specific topic or could be any other marketing / small-business related questions.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Dec 02, 1:30 PM GMT
How to Talk About What You Do
Uta’s approach to marketing breaks down tasks and difficulties into really clear and manageable chunks.

Although I am a marketing professional, I have never marketed myself! I was keen to learn how to adapt what I knew to a small business centred around who I am.


Uta’s weekly webinars packed in a lot of information. But also allowed time to chat to other participants and learn from each other. I really enjoyed them and happily recommend her.

Natalie Richards

Uta’s gifting of the ‘Book Yourself Solid’ webinars are priceless.

Uta has a gentle & effective way of explaining the information.

Each module is thoroughly explained, always insightful and presented with clarity, with time for feedback & any questions plus encouragement to engage actively.

The information delivered each webinar can be utilised straight away & implemented to make a difference for your business. I look forward to each webinar, knowing I am going to learn something new & exciting.


Uta’s webinars have been quietly inspiring.

I want to move my business forward and the webinars that Uta runs in the Book Yourself Solid programme have been quietly inspiring.

They have helped me to see the human side to earning a living and how to best present myself for my own and my clients' greater fulfilment. 


Each one is succinct and worth the time to focus on reconnecting with why we do what we do and how to do it better.


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