Business & Marketing Programme

Grow your holistic, green or conscious business right from the foundation. 

Here's what you'll learn in the business & marketing programme:

Module 1: Your Business North Star

Improve your relationship with business and marketing

Find your 'why'

Define your Business North Star

Module 2: Your Offering

Clarify your offering

Clearly define your target audience

Create your client avatar

Module 3: Target Audience Research

Analyse your testimonials

Clarify your research questions

Interview your target audience

Module 4: Your Website

Write website copy that attracts your ideal clients

Develop your website tagline

Create your lead magnet

Please note that the design and development of your website is not including in your coaching programme.  If you would like to choose me as your web designer, then I'll deduct £399.- from the overall cost of the web design. 

Module 5: Your Client Journey

Plan and test your client journey

Develop a strategy to stay-in-touch with your prospects

Master the authentic sales conversation

Module 6: Promoting Yourself

Become more visible

Discover where you can connect with your ideal clients

Choose self-promotion strategies that suit your personality

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