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Get more clients using a system that actually works. Book Yourself Solid® is your system for getting as many clients as your heart desires, even if you hate marketing and selling.

Book Yourself Solid® started in 2006 with a hardcover book by Michael Port. It’s the original business building system. Around the world, it has helped countless entrepreneurs and business owners to get Booked Solid.   

I haven't come across another training for as comprehensive and complete as the Book Yourself Solid® system.

Here's what you learn in the Book Yourself Solid® system:



You'll implement a strong RED VELVET ROPE POLICY that means you’ll only ever work with clients who energise and inspire you and so allow you to do your best work.

You'll create your IDEAL CLIENT avatar, so that you’ll be able to hone in on the people you’re MEANT to work with.

You'll replace your WRONG CLIENTS who sap your energy with far more lucrative and enjoyable people.

You'll identify your TARGET MARKET -  the one you will do your best work with.

You'll know exactly WHERE to do your marketing and selling to get the greatest return on your time and money.

You'll learn how to SHOW UP authentically and meaningfully so that your prospects say “I am MEANT to work with you” and book an appointment with you right away.

You'll get a crystal clear understanding of what your clients NEED AND WANT so that you can give it to them when they’re hungry for what you are offering.

You’ll have a THING YOU’RE KNOWN FOR … a “single big result” that you can hang your hat on and get people excited about, so that they won’t consider going to any other coach or therapist.

You’ll be able to articulate the real BENEFITS of your offering in terms that makes your prospects say “that is absolutely something I need right now” and book a session with you.

You'll use deep client profiling to appeal to the FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL needs of your prospective clients which will inspire them to want to work with you.

You’ll create a UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION so that your prospects quit shopping around and choose to work with you and you alone.

You’ll discover the core components of your POWERFUL PERSONAL BRAND so that you decide how you’re known in the world, and attract the right clients magnetically.

You’ll THINK MUCH BIGGER about what you have to offer your clients, your family and the world.

You’ll be able to talk about what you do without sounding boring or confusing or bland or like anybody else, and without EVER USING AN ELEVATOR PITCH.



You'll know how to win TRUST and demonstrate CREDIBILITY with your audience.

You’ll put your standard CREDIBILITY BUILDERS in place.

You'll ensure your STANDARDS OF SERVICE are beyond reproach.

You'll establish yourself as a CATEGORY AUTHORITY - an expert within your field.

You'll increase your own CONFIDENCE in your ability to provide the best possible services and programmes to those who most need and want them.

You'll learn how to turn simple conversations into relationships of TRUST with potential clients over time so that you have a stream of ideal clients clamoring for your services.

You'll build a SALES CYCLE that will attract all the clients that your heart desires and do so with utmost INTEGRITY.

You'll be able to use the sales cycle to unconditionally SERVE your clients.

You'll know the six keys to CREATING CONNECTION so that the offers you are making are right on target.

You'll develop a KEEP-IN-TOUCH strategy that supports your sales cycle.

You'll learn how to AUTOMATE your keep-in-touch strategy so that you can keep showing up without wearing yourself out.

You'll learn a simple step-by-step system so you can develop your INFORMATION PRODUCT.

You'll be able to create MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME.

You'll learn how to launch your product so it gets into the hands of EAGER and INSPIRED potential clients.



You'll learn about the 12 PRICING MODELS and which models to use in your business.

You’ll understand that pricing is what you pay, and VALUE is what you get.

You'll discover how your own MINDSET and beliefs affect your pricing strategies.

You'll learn when to lower or raise PRICES.

You'll learn how the SIMPLEST SALES CONVERSATION on the planet that works virtually every time.

You'll learn how to SELL without any pressure or being salesy or slimy.

You'll be able to sell with INTEGRITY and even enjoy the sales conversation.




You'll learn which self-promotion strategies are mandatory and which are optional.

You'll pick the strategies that resonate with you and create your marketing plan.

You’ll profit from the #1 activity for expanding your NETWORK.

You'll discover that networking is about connecting and sharing with others, creating and deepening mutually beneficial RELATIONSHIPS with others.


You'll expand your network by sharing your COMPASSION and KNOWLEDGE.

You'll create your DIRECT OUTREACH plan.

You'll create the Book Yourself Solid® LIST OF 20.

You'll discover how to make personal connections with INFLUENTIAL people.

You’ll understand what really makes a QUALITY referral.

You'll find referral OPPORTUNITIES.

You'll begin the REFERRAL PROCESS.

You'll understand why clients would REFER to you.

You'll communicate how your referrers should make a REFERRAL.

You'll learn how you can use PUBLIC SPEAKING to create awareness of what you have to offer and get booked solid.

You'll learn self-promotion speaking STRATEGIES.

You'll learn how to GET BOOKED to speak.

You'll have a great way to ESTABLISH yourself as an expert in your field, get your message out to the world in a bigger way and allow you to reach more of those you're meant to serve.

You’ll MASTER the 5-Part Book Yourself Solid writing strategy.

You'll learn how to get your articles PUBLISHED online and offline.

You'll learn how to build relationships with EDITORS that will provide publicity for you and your coaching or therapy practice over time.

You'll master the WEBSITE BASICS.


You'll answer the 3 questions that make a WEBSITE WORK

You'll implement the Book Yourself Solid® web traffic strategies

You'll learn how to use the Book Yourself Solid® on social media

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