About Uta

I am a certified Book Yourself Solid® Coach helping self-employed professionals grow their holistic or green business.

I’ve been working in the personal development and health & wellbeing
field for 15 years. 


I started out as a bodyworker (Shiatsu practitioner) and teacher of Taoist practices and meditation. For years, I held Tao of Love workshops for women in the UK and abroad.


I then trained in NLP and coaching. I found in coaching the modality that most resonated with me. It’s empowering. It’s transformative and effective.

I fell in love with it.


I went on to studying sexology and got my PhD from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

I had a Relationship Coaching practice in London for many years. Being a Relationship Coach and Clinical Sexologist was meaningful work and it was hugely needed - but for me, it increasingly became a less a good fit.  My heart wasn't in it anymore. I needed to move on. So, I gave it up.

I’ve now turned my skills, experience and qualifications towards helping self-employed professionals grow their green or holistic business.

Please book a free of charge conversation to learn more about my coaching programmes and how I could help you to grow your business. 

I look forward to connecting!



I invite you to get in touch with me today, and schedule a free, 30-minute Zoom or phone call.


Let's talk soon!


​Tel: 07931 451 291


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